Reshape your nose and rebuild your self image

The proportionality and attractiveness of the face can be significantly impacted by even a minor imbalance of any one feature. As the most prominent part of the face, the nose is often targeted to be resized or reshaped to create a more pleasing aesthetic. Rhinoplasty, or nose reconstruction, can completely transform your facial appearance, instantly boosting confidence and self-image.


Dr. Weiss begins your initial consultation by reviewing before-and- after photos of other Rhinoplasty patients. Together, he will help you select the level of correction for you to achieve your desired look. All applicable costs will also be reviewed during this confidential appointment.


This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under sedation, and local or general anesthesia. There are three procedures to choose from (Standard, Open, Tip-plasty). Together, you and Dr. Weiss will discuss the best procedure to meet your needs and expectations. Patients go home with an external cast or splint in place. The nose may be packed for 24-48 hours. The cast or splint is usually removed in 7-10 days. Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication. The majority of swelling and bruising subsides progressively over 2-4 weeks External sutures (if any) are removed in 4-6 days. Internal sutures dissolve.


Following Rhinoplasty, patients can expect to experience swelling, light bleeding, bruising around the eyes and nose, headaches, and stiffness. These side effects will begin to decrease steadily throughout the post-operative phase and patients can resume regular, non-strenuous, daily activities within two weeks.

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