Your Ultimate Guide to Body Lift Procedure

Body Lift Procedure Recovery GuideTake a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the procedure and what you can do to help improve your results. Remember this presentation does not take the place of your consultation and should make sure to jot down any questions you may want to ask as later. A lower body lift and a similar are both usually performed on patients who have lost a large amount of weight and have excess saggy skin around their skin around their thighs buttocks and abdomen. If the outer thighs and buttocks are primary concerned a lower body lift may be most appropriate. However, if the waste line is also need a contouring a belt like may offer greater correction.

These surgeries are not deigned to help you lose weight but to re contour your lower body whether you have excess skin and fat to return you to a more useful shape because every patient undergoing a body lift procedure has different needs. Your particular procedure will be specifically tailored to help give you the best results possible. A body lift does often combine with other procedures such as an inner thigh lift and arm lift and for women a breast lift or breast augmentation and for men correction sometimes. This requires that surgeries be performed in stages and the areas that pose. The most concern are usually addressed first procedure.

How are your body lift be performed?

The incision for a lower body lift has made all the way around the body below the hips just low enough to be covered by the top edge or bikini bottom or underwear. For your belt like the incision will be customized according to your needs. Typically the incision is made just above the hips allowing the waist to be tightened or any sagging or jerking skin on the abdomen or lower back to be corrected in both procedures. Excess skin and fat is removed surgically and like may be used sparingly to help contour the thighs buttocks and abdomen. Abdominal muscles are tightened and any hernias that may be present or repaired the skin is then pull tight and the incision is closed. Dressing compression garments are then applied to promote healing preparation.

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It is important to discuss your desires and listen closely during the consultation so that you can set realistic expectations. A great result can only be achieved when there is good communication between us together. We will select the technique that will provide the best result for you when you meet with our patient coordinator. We will discuss fees and cost some suggestions to help you prepare for surgery. You should be very open provide all of your medical history, drug allergies list, any previous surgeries medications, diet pills, vitamins and herbs you are taking even if you don’t think they are important. Also don’t be afraid to be frank with us about your lifestyle, smoking, your exercise habits and the importance of getting back to work.

Here are some tips that may help you reduce scaring shorten your recovery time and decrease your chances of complications:

  1. Discontinue using aspirin and vitamin E for one week before and few days after your procedure. This act as blood thinner and could cause problems with blood clotting.
  2. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol in excess while in advance of your body lift and for one week. After surgery, drink lots of water in the days leading up to your body lift hydration will help you recover more quickly to make your recovery easier and more comfortable.
  3. Be sure to arrange for someone to take you home and take care of you for at least the first day. Fill your prescription and place them within easy reach of where you will be resting place.
  4. Plenty of pillows nearby for comfort wedge. Pillows can be helpful and keeping you comfortably elevated.
  5. Have loose fitting clothing ready to wear.
  6. Have the second set of compressing garments as this will help you feel fresher.
  7. Use eye packs to help you reduce swelling.
  8. Avoid salt and drink pineapple juice as this may help reduce swelling recovery after your surgery. Usually expect some pain swelling and bruising pain.

Medication will be prescribed to control discomfort. However, severe pain that is not relieved by medication is not normal and we would want to know about it immediately. Bruising may take a week or more to be solved and swelling main up to six week or longer stiches will come out or be absorbed on their own between 10 to 14 days. The recovery process is different for every one even though you might not be able to stand up completely straight and may still have some pain. It is a good idea to start walking the first day after surgery be sure to change position frequently when you are lying down as this will help improve blood flow. You should plan on being out of and away from your usual activities for three to four week during this period.

You may gradually return to light activities that is lifting exercise and sex. Refrain from stressing or stretching your healing skin especially where it closed. Avoid any high impact activities for about one month or more in particular. You should avoid the sustained exertion of jogging bouncing and lifting for up to 8 weeks. Those scars may appear to stand out of they will usually fade with time. The scars from a lower body lift are usually hidden by underwear or swim suit. However those are from usually above the belt line and may be visible after one to two years. The scars will reach the final appearance and become less noticeable although you should see an immediate improvement in your contour. The appearance of your lower body should improve over a period of several months.

What are the risks of body lift surgery?

This information is not intended to frighten you but to help you make an important decision. No questionnaire concern is silly or insignificant. We will be happy to discuss the full range of potential complications and answer any questions you might have. Regarding this procedure, thankfully complications are in frequent with. Body lift surgeries and many thousands of procedures are successfully performed each year but they can occur complications can include and are limited to:

  • infection reaction to anesthesia
  • loss of sensation asymmetry
  • food accumulation unfavorable
  • scaring and blood clots as with all medical procedure

Be sure to choose your surgeon wisely. It is important to choose an experienced surgeon you can trust and develop a good report so that you can openly discuss your concern and particular needs throughout the process of consultation. Surgery and after care should you decide to move forward with your body lift. A surgery day will be scheduled prior to surgery you will be given complete preparation and recovery instructions. Remember to keep your follow up visits as we are here to help make this a wonderful experience for you feel free to review any part of this presentation you like. And be sure to take a look at our before and after gallery to get the better idea of the results you may achieve.